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Name: Chloe
Age: Thirteen
Where you live: Rhode Island
Sexual Preference (your choice to answer):
Zodiac Sign:
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Auburn
Fav. color: Purple
Private school/public school: Public School
Fav stores: Abercrombie, Newbury Comics, and I make my own clothes and stencil on jeans and things, so I get really cheap clothes from thrift stores like Savers and patch them up a bit. If you think that's grody or something, whatever... 
Fav singer/band: The Sex Pistols
Fav actors/actresses: Johnny Depp, but who's isn't.
Fav shoes: Converses. High tops.
Fav Food: Sushi
Fav Animal: I don't like animals. They bite. But hamsters are pretty neat.

VH1 or MTV:
VH1, just because I love "I <3 the 80's"
Ashton Kutcher or Brad Pitt: Ashton, I love Punk'd.
Gay marriages:  Love is love, cliche answer but hey,  if I find a girl that I love, I'm going to ask her to marry me, and if the government has a problem with it, I could easily give them the finger and to stick THAT in their bible-crazed physces.
Abortion: It's all up to the girl. I don't care if she's a dirty whore prostitute sleeping around with men all week, or a poor kid who got raped. If she gets pregnant,  it's her child,  and she can either choose to have it or not have it. And yes, that kid -could have been- someone special and changed the world, but the kid also could have been the next Hitler. So it's just all up to the woman.
The 2004 Presidential election: It was half-assed, America needs to get it straight. Get it together.  I am just almost through with the government, I could just almost throw away all the political books and magazines I own and just NOT care anymore, because they are making me sick. The government should share more of the fucking knowledge with the people, we have clones, aliens, machines that can work wonders...but the government doesn't want us to know. And thats total bullshit, there are probably cures for deadly diseases most of us have never even heard of,  but the government is taking them from us. Not like I want anarchy, just honesty.
Religion in school: Separation of church and state was made for a reason. I don't say the pledge, I say MY pledge. "I pledge confusion to my country, and to this republic to which we are forced, we stand one nation under construction, completely invisable and liberty and justice for most." Everyday I say that, and it takes me longer than other kids who say the normal one, so I'm the only one standing. 
Racism:  Men were created equal, anyone can judge, I don't care, but when it comes down to those serious events where someones life is taken because of their race, I go crazy. It's so igorant.
Different Race Relationships: What about it? It's like the same thing as same race relationships. I don't care, men were created equal, there is no one on this earth that is any better than someone else. 
MarkyKate and Ashley: Oh man,  they were so cute when they were little on Full House and they grew up to be such dirty little cunt rags.
XTina: Gee, I think she is good when it comes to being a dirty whore for television then covering her behavior up with a women's rights issue.
Michael Jackson: He's guilty, and I'm tired of his case. Want to hear a joke? What's the difference between Michael Jackson and acne? Acne doesn't come on your face till fifteen.
Britney Spears: I love Britney Spears... I think her music is really energetic and upbeat and she is just so adorable. Love Britney.

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(You can add in anything else you think we'll like about ya) I don't think there's anything else.

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