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Name: Zak
Age: 18
you live: Tucson, AZ
Sexual Preference (your choice to answer):
Zodiac Sign:
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Black
Fav. color: Blue
Private school/public school: Public
Fav stores: Abercrombie, Banana, Express…
Fav singer/band: Gwen Stefani, maroon 5, ciara, 
Fav actors/actresses: Keanu Reeves, Uma Thurman
Fav shoes: Flip Flops
Fav Food: smoked salmon w/ cous cous, Chinese, ITALIAN!!!
Fav Animal: Dog

Ashton Kutcher or Brad Pitt: Brad
Gay marriages: Of course, what would be the point of oppressing a minority of Americans? They are not hurting anybody. Having a choice is what America is supposed to be about.
Abortion: I am pro choice. I think it should be the mother’s decision on whether to keep her child or not. When people say it will be used as a form of birth control I get annoyed… What kind of idiot would pay $700 for an abortion unless it was truly a mistake???
The 2004 Presidential election: I couldn’t have been any sadder. I am so tired of our president. He is destroying this country and it truly makes me sick. We are 2 trillion dollars in debt; he is tearing social security down, and starting wars with everyone. What next, nukes???
Religion in school: One Phrase; separation of CHURCH and STATE. Public schools=state, DO what you need to do in private schools.
Racism: Naughty people!!!
Different Race Relationships: HECK YES, I am the result on one.
MarkyKate and Ashley: I really don’t like/ dislike them.
XTina: she reminds me of white trash, kinda like Anna Nicole. I like some of her songs though.
Michael Jackson: When he used to be normal he was awesome but now…….
Britney Spears: Hot, eye candy, flawless. Talented… maybe?

At least one place where you promoted this community:




(You can add in anything else you think we'll like about ya)

UMM… I’m just looking for a fun place to talk to people and get an opinion on myself and give mine to others. I have always been preppy and its what I know. There aren’t a lot of preppy people at my school, just a lot of rude homies. Don’t get me wrong, its not a bad school, it’s a magnet school. I don’t appreciate all the black people calling me white boy and snobby because I’m a prep. Like I said earlier, I was a place to talk to other preps.
BTW- I’m a lifeguard and l like to swim and play tennis. I also like to go running. I’m in photography and love it a lot. I like to watch TV and go shopping too.

**Pics of you**:

Me at del taco...


Me being dumb at "Cyber Bowel." One of the only sober things to do in Tucson. Sorry its dark.

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