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jadore_le_preps's Journal

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Hey everybody...i thought LJ needed another preppy community so i made one :P...if you wanna join, you must send in the application within 3 days of joining---

MEMBERS: No promoting other communities in this community!

Applicants MUST NOT talk back to members, or you will be banned.
♥must be at least 13 years old
♥fill out ALL of the application
♥dont be a bitch to the members
♥make sure all of the questions are bold
♥use a LJ cut:
♥put 'so fetch' in the LJ-cut text line
♥put 'application' in the subject line
♥majority vote wins
♥if your afraid of being criticized dont bother to apply
♥dont delete your post if you get rejected
♥you will be accepted or rejected within 1-4 days
♥apply within 72 hours of joining
♥Please do not write back to thank members or talk back to members after a comment, because it is hard for the MOD to take count of votes. Thankyou.

Where you live:
Sexual Preference (your choice to answer):
Zodiac Sign:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Fav. color:
Private school/public school:
Fav stores:
Fav singer/band:
Fav actors/actresses:
Fav shoes:
Fav Food:
Fav Animal:

VH1 or MTV:
Ashton Kutcher or Brad Pitt:
Gay marriages:
The 2004 Presidential election:
Religion in school:
Different Race Relationships:
MarkyKate and Ashley:
Michael Jackson:
Britney Spears:

At least one place where you promoted this community:

(You can add in anything else you think we'll like about ya)

**Pics of you**:

This is a rating community, so you will be judged! Members can judge how ever they like, personality, looks, application, so dont get mad. And members, try not to be too harsh!!!


Pictures etc....